The terms and conditions (“Terms & Conditions”) governing the purchase of products and the support of conservation projects through the SeaTheFuture platform www.seathefuture.eu  or any landing page related to said platform (“STF Platform”), which belongs to Sea The FT, S.A., collective person no. 516825127, with headquarters at Largo Monterroio Mascarenhas, 1, 1099-081 Lisbon, with the e-mail address together@seathefuture.eu and telephone number +351 930 497 966 (“STF”), are hereby regulated.

Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully before finalizing any purchase, browsing through the STF Platform, or contributing to a project.

By using the STF Platform, placing an order, purchasing products, or making a supportive contribution through it, the user will be considered a customer (“Customer”), and it is assumed that the Customer read the Terms & Conditions and accepts and is bound by them. Therefore, if the Customer does not agree to the Terms & Conditions, you should not use the STF Platform.

SeaTheFuture has the right to change these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time, with such changes being communicated in a durable medium with 15 days’ notice.

Contracting through the STF Platform is an electronic contracting according to the applicable laws.

If you wish to consult the Complaints Book, please access it through the following link.


To register on the Platform the Customer must provide an email address and define a password.

The password defined by the Customer should not be shared with others and should be treated as personal and non-transferable.


A Customer may contribute to the projects publicized by SeaTheFuture through:

a) Purchase of a product sold on the STF Platform;

b) Donate a determined amount to one of the projects.

a) Purchase of a product sold on the STF Platform

The data identified at the time of registration of a purchase order as being mandatory are essential for its completion. The omission or inaccuracy of such data are the sole responsibility of the Customer and may result in the non-completion of the purchase order.

  • Delivery

Delivery of the product(s) ordered will take place at the address indicated for this purpose by the Customer.

The costs and time associated with the delivery of the products are as follows:

Countries/Delivery Zones

Portugal* ‎ ‎
Spain**Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Netherlands, LuxembourgRest of Europe
T-Shirt & Long Sleeve€ 10.70€ 8.70€ 9€ 9
€ 10.70€ 13.50€ 13.50€ 14
Note – Cost per unit
Valid until December 2024
*Including 23% standard IVA for Mainland Portugal and current fuel rate
**Does not include Canary and Balearic Islands
Time in transit5 to 10 days

If, for any reason, SeaTheFuture cannot meet the delivery date, the Customer will be informed in accordance.

In case of an unsuccessful delivery attempt due to absence, a notice will be left with instructions on how to proceed or an e-mail will be sent with instructions, depending on the designated carrier.

If for any reason the Customer cannot receive the order, he/she should contact SeaTheFuture to find the most adequate solution.

The deliveries occur every working day from 9am to 4pm.

  • Payment methods

The payment methods available are Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, MBway and MB Reference.

Cash, bank checks, gift vouchers, or gift checks are not accepted as payment methods for now.

  • Taxes

The retail price of the products sold through the STF Platform includes VAT according to the rate in force unless otherwise stated.

For orders within the European Union: All taxes and duties are included in the final price.

For orders outside the European Union and for non-customs territories for the purposes of the Union Customs Code: the Customer may incur additional costs related to customs duties, import duties, and other charges related to his order. SeaTheFuture has no control over these additional costs and cannot predict which amount might be charged.

  • Right of withdrawal 

Customers who are natural persons acting for purposes which do not fall within the scope of their professional activity have the right to withdrawal within 14 days from the date on which the Customer or a third party indicated by the Customer acquires physical possession of the products purchased through the STF Platform, by unequivocal communication to SeaTheFuture, by any means likely to be proven by the Customer.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, and regardless of the Customer’s right to inspect, with due care, the nature, characteristics, and operation of the acquired products, those products must be in perfect condition and all parts, labels, and proof of payment must be preserved.

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer must communicate his/her decision to terminate the contract by a written unequivocal statement by e-mail to support@seathefuture.eu or by letter, to the address Largo Monterroio Mascarenhas, 1, 1099-081 Lisbon, within the period of 14 days referred above.

Reimbursements shall be processed no later than 14 days after the date SeaTheFuture received the Customer’s right of withdrawal notification. Refunds are made using the same means of payment that the Customer used for the initial transaction, unless otherwise expressly agreed by the Customer, in any case, the Customer will not incur any costs as a consequence of such refund.

  • Exchanges and cancellations

The Customer may request an exchange for the products acquired through the STF Platform up to 14 days after the purchase, upon presentation of proof of purchase and ensuring that the product is in the same condition in which it was received.

To request an exchange, the Customer must contact SeaTheFuture through the e-mail support@seathefuture.eu and wait for instructions on how to proceed.

SeaTheFuture is not responsible for the shipping costs in case of an exchange, except in cases where the product has been delivered with a defect, whereby the Customer agrees to be responsible for the payment of all costs associated with the exchange.

The process of cancellation of a purchase order is handled on a case-by-case basis by SeaTheFuture.

The cancellation request must be sent to SeaTheFuture via e-mail support@seathefuture.eu, up to 48 hours after the submission of the purchase order, and the instructions for cancellation or return of the amount paid and/or return of goods will be defined by SeaTheFuture, by the same means of communication, if and when applicable, subject to SeaTheFuture criteria and regardless of the Right of Withdrawal that may assist the Customer.

In case SeaTheFuture accepts the cancellation request, it undertakes to reimburse the Customer within a maximum period of 7 days after confirmation of acceptance of the request.

Whenever possible, the reimbursement will be made through the same means of payment used by the Customer, in case it is not possible, the Customer must present proof of payment and proof of account or card account or card ownership so that a refund can be made by Bank Transfer.

  • Warranties

Products purchased from the STF Platform have a warranty according to the applicable law.

To benefit from the warranty, the Customer must keep the invoice of the products.

b) Donate a determined amount to one of the projects

Customers may also contribute by donating a certain amount defined by them, filling in the form available on the STF Platform.

The payment methods available for donations are Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, MBway and MB Reference. Cash, bank checks, gift vouchers, or gift checks are not accepted as payment methods for now.

Given the inital stage of the project associated to STF Platform, only purchase orders and contributions from Customers located on the European Union are accepted.

SeaTheFuture will use the Customer’s contribution within its stated charitable objectives.

The majority of the Customer´s contribution (85%) will be sent to the selected conservation project on a regular basis until SeaTheFuture decides that the collected contributions are adequate for the project objectives. The rest of the Customer’s contribution (15%), will be used by SeaTheFuture to help pay for operational and other promotional costs. Should you require further clarification on this topic, do not hesitate to contact us at support@seathefuture.eu.

The Customer may make a donation through different forms:

  1. “One-shot” donation – single donation with the amount chosen by the Customer;
  2. Monthly Donation – the Customer defines a fixed donation amount per month, which will be calculated and invoiced monthly by STF on the 28th of each month (for Visa and Mastercard payments) or one month after the first subscription payment (for Paypal payments). If the Customer wishes to cancel the monthly donation, a written comunication must be sent to STF via the e-mail support@seathefuture.eu by the 20th day of each month. If the Customer sends the communication after the mentioned date, the cancellation will only be considered for the following month.


SeaTheFuture reserves the right to modify, without prior notice and at any time, the information and commercial offer presented about: products, prices, contributions, promotions, commercial conditions, and services.

The price of each product will be the one stipulated, at each moment, in the STF Platform, except in case of evident error.

In the event of the existence of any inaccuracies in the information made available in the STF Platform about the products or Conservation Projects, SeaTheFuture undertakes to correct this information as soon as any lapses are detected.

All product orders will be subject to availability. If any difficulty occurs regarding the supply of products or if there are no products in stock, SeaTheFuture reserves the right to provide the Customer with information about substitute products of equal or superior quality that you can order. If the Customer does not wish to order any of these replacement products, SeaTheFuture will refund the Customer the amount already paid in accordance with the reimbursement procedure set forth in the “Exchanges and cancellations” section.


The Customer undertakes to use the STF Platform diligently, correctly, and lawfully and not to use the STF Platform for activities that are contrary to the law, morals, good customs or public order, with SeaTheFuture refusing any liability that may arise therefrom.

The Customer acknowledges and accepts that use of the STF Platform shall be at the Customer’s own risk and for strictly personal and private purposes.

The Customer undertakes not to damage or render useless the equipment or systems of SeaTheFuture or third-party users, as well as any content incorporated and/or stored therein. The Customer also agrees not to prevent or hinder in any way the use, enjoyment, normal development, or performance of the STF Platform.

The availability of the STF Platform to the Customer shall, in any event, be subject to strict compliance with the provisions of the terms contained in these Terms & Conditions, with the Customer also being obliged to comply with the indicated restrictions on use.

For the purposes of correctly accessing and implementing the content of the STF Platform, the Customer may need to download certain computer programs or other logic or software elements onto their computer equipment. Such installation is at the Customer’s own risk, and SeaTheFuture accepts no liability whatsoever arising therefrom.

SeaTheFuture may, at its sole discretion, revoke, suspend and/or block, at any time and without prior notice, access to the contents to Customers who violate any of the terms of this T&C.

The Customer accepts and acknowledges that access and use of the STF Platform is his/her sole responsibility. Any risks arising therefrom shall be borne exclusively and without limitation by the Customer. In this regard, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that he/she is solely responsible for any damage and/or loss suffered by his/her computer system and/or damage resulting from the download or use of any elements.


The Customer acknowledges that all copyright, related rights, industrial property, and other similar rights in the STF Platform are either owned by or licensed to SeaTheFuture. This includes, but is not limited to, any information, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and/or image files, photographs, recordings, computer programs, databases, technology, equipment, know-how, brands, logos, and, in general, any type of material accessible via the STF Platform, as well as the STF Platform itself.


Unless the applicable law expressly requires otherwise and exclusively to the extent that it does so, SeaTheFuture does not guarantee or accept any liability in relation to the use of the STF Platform or elements related to it or that form part of it, such as the contents to which the Customer accesses.

The disclaimer referred to in the previous paragraph includes any warranties or responsibilities arising from its levels of quality, interoperability, functionality, and/or suitability for a particular purpose.

The Customer agrees that SeaTheFuture shall not be liable for any damages arising out of the interruption, suspension, or termination of access to the STF Platform including, any direct, indirect, collateral, or incidental damages or losses whether or not the interruption, suspension or termination was due to negligence or intentional, notified or otherwise.

SeaTheFuture does not control in advance and does not guarantee the absence of any external elements that may produce alterations in the equipment and computer applications of the Customer or in the electronic documents and files stored or transmitted by the same.

SeaTheFuture expressly rejects any liability regarding the introduction into the Customer’s equipment or systems of third-party computer programs or other materials which are the responsibility of third parties, and which contain a sequence of instructions or indications that may cause harmful effects to the Customer’s computer system.

The STF Platform may include hyperlinks to websites operated by third parties. In such cases, the links in question are provided as an additional service to the Customers and in no way constitute an endorsement by SeaTheFuture. The hyperlinks provided on the STF Platform are for the convenience of the Customers only, and in no way are approved or endorsed by SeaTheFuture. In any case, the Customers shall be solely responsible for the use of such hyperlinks and, consequently, SeaTheFuture accepts no liability for the results that may arise therefrom.


Processing of any personal data on the STF Platform is governed by the Privacy & Cookies Policy available here.


If you wish to contact us, please do so via our e-mail support@seathefuture.eu or by telephone at +351 930 497 966.


The Terms & Conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Portuguese law. Should the Customer have his/her residence outside Portugal, he/she accepts the jurisdiction of the Portuguese Courts to settle any disputes arising from the interpretation or execution of the Terms & Conditions.

In addition, in accordance with Regulation EU No. 524/2013, the Customer has the right to try to resolve any dispute out of court by accessing the electronic platform for online dispute resolution at https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

Customers in Portugal may also resort to legally authorized centers for the arbitration of consumer conflicts identified here.

Last update on: September 1, 2023

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