SeaTheFuture Projects

We go deep to select only the science-backed conservation projects.

For a project to be featured in the STF platform they must demonstrate at least four Criteria, one of which must be Species or Habitat protection.

Habitat protection How threatened the habitat is and how the project helps preserve it.
Species protection How under pressure the species are and the project’s impact on its recovery.
Innovation How the project is innovating human practices that impact the conservation of wildlife.
Scientific contribution How the project’s scientific research can improve the knowledge on the habitats and the species to enable its protection.
Community engagement How the communities are involved in the project, and which are the local capacity-building efforts.
Policy enhancement How the project contributes to driving change in laws and policies, protecting the Ocean and its life.
Operational efficiency How stable, impactful and coherent the project 's actions and operations are.
Long-term viability How the project ensures its impact on the medium and long term and the likelihood of self-sustainability.

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